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Lovely stuff — great collection and design.
Faris Yakob, founder at GeniusSteals
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First launch

There are no cards preloaded in the app, so after the first launch Strategy Deck will try to download the latest deck from our server. It could take a while, so, please, be patient. Make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on.

Thorough explanation of every tool with examples

Grid view

Slide up/down to look throug the deck

Tap on a card for card view

Spread for card view (iOS only)

Shake the phone to turn all cards face up (iOS only)

Card view

Tap to flip the card

Swipe left/right for nex/prev card

!!! Flick up for grid view (iOS only)

Pinch for grid view (iOS only)

Tap Back button for grid view (Android only)

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Ok, alleen vandaag dan. Omdat we in een sharing economie leven volgens sommigen. Uber gave strategie app
Ronald Voorn, Marketing Development at Science Rockstar
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